Bodyguard Training
Israeli Bodyguard Training

Israeli Bodyguard Training

For many years, the Israel Defense Forces have been known throughout the world because of their tough techniques and effectiveness. The three branches of the Israel Defense Forces – Army, Air Force and Navy – are among the top military forces in the entire world. Several Israeli former agents have moved to work for private firms, and they have been training new recruits for bodyguard services. This is the reason why wealthy families around the world choose to hire an agent that has received Israeli Bodyguard Training. They are known to undergo extremely hardcore training, where they practice in real world scenarios.

International Security Academy – Israel

The International Security Academy is among the top Israeli Bodyguard Training Centers. The ISA takes the pledge to help you improve in all of your abilities in order to become a superb bodyguard. This Israeli Bodyguard Academy has been in business since 1987 and they have held some of the most dangerous protection operatives. Not only are they used to protecting the life of their clients at all costs, but they are also capable of adapting to their surroundings in no time. As an Israeli bodyguard student, you will have to travel with them and learn how to adapt to the change. Some of their specialized Israeli Bodyguard Training courses take place in different parts of the country, and their standards match those imposed by international institutions. It’s widely known that Israel is the perfect spot where to simulate a real world situation.

Israeli Operational Academy Bodyguard Training

The Israeli Operational Academy has been providing top-notch bodyguard training since the early 1990s. The staff at this Israeli Bodyguard Center includes former agents and members of some of the best units in the Israeli Military. They are also part of the A-M Security Group, which provides protective services, as well as private consulting. This Israeli Academy takes pride in having a high-end training facility, where students will have all the tools to enhance their abilities, especially because they count with a first-class simulator. All of their courses will require you to handle a firearm – except for the Unarmed Combat course – which can go from a 9mm to an m-16. Moreover, their Israeli Bodyguard Training courses have become so popular, that they have started offering them in different languages. Besides Hebrew, the courses are offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

Counter Threat Group

The Counter Threat Group (CTG) is one of the few centers that offer a program that combines Israeli Bodyguard Training techniques with American and Middle Eastern methods. Their staff includes former agents, who were parts of some of the toughest military units in the U.S. and Israel. CTG provides protective services to a wide variety of clients; from a wealthy family, to a celebrity or royal member, CTG has provided only but excellent service. In addition to Israeli Bodyguard Training, they offer the following courses:

  • Military Resettlement
  • Close Protection
  • Case Studies
  • VIP Protection Training

With CTG you will learn how to keep your client safe at all times, even if you have to move from one place to another in no time.

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