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Free Bodyguard Training - Tips And Exercises

Different people have different needs when it comes to their personal protection, considering a lot of external factors surrounding them such as their status. This is where the Executive Protection Specialists, popularly known as Bodyguards, come in. Keeping in mind the considerable increase in crime and terrorism, the need for bodyguards has rapidly increased.

This sudden increase in the need for bodyguards has lead to it taking the form of a career. Apart from possessing the necessary skills to be an efficient bodyguard, you must also be ready for lots of hard work.

Free bodyguard training tips and exercises:

There are very few sources which provide free bodyguard training services to you. This is because undergoing a bodyguard training is not a cake walk. If you are going to be protecting someone else’s life, you are going to need specialized training for it. However, you may come across various free bodyguard training e-books, articles, blogs, and other posts on the internet. You can actually get good initial free bodyguard training tips and useful information.

Here are two free bodyguard training exercises for you to do on your own without the guidance of any specialized facility, for you to get a good idea of your aptitude as a bodyguard:

  1. Finding your opponent’s ‘Wave’: This exercise is to help you get yourself through a massive crowd of people. Following are the 3 stages:
    • In stage one, you practice moving in a crowded place, like a shopping mall. All you have to do is, find the little space pockets in between people and move through them swiftly and confidently though not in a hurry. However, you have to be immensely careful not to attract any sort of attention.
    • In stage two, you again move through a crowded place, but this time, you have a partner. It is suggested to take someone whom you know is a clumsy walker. The purpose of this is to guide someone in a very articulate yet unnoticing manner to move with you in this crowd.
    • The third stage requires you to expand your awareness about your passer-bys or almost everyone that you would be passing so as to save a lot of effort in protecting your sides.
  2. The ‘Grab’: This second free bodyguard training exercise is to help you figure out how to react when you see a person reaching in towards your client. You must know that you cannot show instant violence in such a case, so what do you do? You have two options – wrist lock or ‘beginning’ of a wrist lock.
    • If a person moves in towards your client, you can gently reach out for their hand and put it away, without the person actually realizing your intention. This is called beginning of a wrist lock as it is not actually a wrist lock.
    • However, if the person is actually grabbing your client or any of his belongings, then you must consider a real wrist lock or an arm bar.

Thus, going by the above two exercises, you can get a hang of the kind of aptitude you actually need and the kind you actually have to be an efficient bodyguard. There are many cheap training courses that you can take up which also allow you to study and train at your own pace if you already working full time or part time. However, there is no specialized training centre which offers free bodyguard training to anyone.

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